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Social Responsiblity

The continuous changes in the socio-cultural fabric of the society and its forces has made social concerns as indispensable and as imperative as economic aspects in a project appraisal. To strike and maintain a balance between commerce and culture is not only the need of the hour but also a sense of moral responsibility felt from within at Zapp. The corporate social responsibility arm of the Zapp group, reaffirms the group’s presence at the grass root level by constantly engaging itself in areas of Health, Education, Employment and Animal Welfare at a national scale.

Nirmal Umadutt Saraf Charitable Trust is a voluntary non-profit organization registered under Indian charitable trust act, established for the greater good of the society by contributing as much as we can. Strong personal urge for upliftment and contribution to the welfare of the society led the founder of NUSCT to invest in philanthropic activities
  1. Financial assistance to the physically disabled
  2. Employment opportunities to widows
  3. Free education to orphans and economically disadvantaged
  4. Free medical treatment to the poor and needy
  5. Old-Age homes with all required facilities
  6. Opening and running of hospitals, universities in remote areas
  7. Renovation and maintenance of dilapidated temples
  8. Saving slaughtering of cows and other domestic animals
With voluntary organizations from across the globe rising to the cause of preserving the environment, the Zapp group has also realized its ethical conscientiousness as a socio-corporate identity and has decided to dedicate itself to the noble cause of preserving Mother Nature with conservation and preservation programs being chalked out for the whole country. Being a group of values and not just a group of success has been the core philosophy behind growth and governance at Zapp.